Binarium Welcome Bonus - 50% First Deposit

Binarium Welcome Bonus - 50% First Deposit
  • Promotion Period: Unlimited
  • Promotions: 50% First Deposit


Bonuses are funds you receive in addition to your deposit to increase your trading potential. The bonus amount depends on your deposit amount and account status. Bonuses are credited to a separate bonus account.

We offer the following types of bonuses:
  • a welcome bonus for new clients for making their first deposit
  • bonuses for participating in company promos
  • risk-free trades and deposit insurance (more detailed information about these bonus types available below)
  • prize bonuses received from free Binarium tournaments (the prize fund is distributed among participants depending on place taken)

The conditions for receiving a bonus and its size are individual in each case. The company has the right to revoke issued bonuses if you violate any provisions of the Client Agreement.

If multiple deposits were made due to payment system restrictions, contact Support to receive a bonus for the total deposit amount.

You can decline a bonus when making a deposit.
Binarium Welcome Bonus - 50% First Deposit

Risk-free trades

You can open risk-free trades without the risk of losing your deposit. When you open a risk-free trade, no funds are debited from your balance, and any profit is credited to your real account.

Risk-free trades are accrued when making deposits to your account using promo codes and as part of special offers. The number and size of risk-free trades is indicated in the promo or promo code description. You can open risk-free trades at any time, but they will be voided if you withdraw funds.

Your available risk-free trades are displayed on the terminal to the right above the green Higher button.

How do they work?

An amount equal to the total amount of the risk-free trade (shown in the promo or promo code description) is reserved from your real account and credited to your bonus account.

For example, you deposit $100 to your account and receive three $10 risk-free trades. Therefore, $30 is reserved from your real balance and credited to your bonus account. You can use this $30 to open three risk-free trades in a row with possible losses compensated by the platform. Total compensation from the platform cant exceed the deposit amount.

The terms and conditions for processing bonus funds from risk-free trades are similar to the terms and conditions for regular bonuses.

Deposit insurance

Binarium Welcome Bonus - 50% First Deposit
Deposit insurance is a type of bonuses offered by Binarium. Well cover possible losses for a specific number of your trades.

Deposit insurance rules:
  • Only the first consecutive trades are insured;
  • The investment in one trade cannot exceed 33% of the total deposit;
  • The amount of compensation from the platform cannot exceed the deposit amount.

For instance, a trader received five insured trades, and after they were closed the account balance was less than before the trades. According to the rules, the platform compensates the difference. In this event the funds credited as compensation are considered bonus funds and the rules applied to them are similar to the ones for the regular bonuses.

If the terms and conditions on which the insurance is provided are met, contact the Customer support team to receive your compensation.

Bonus withdrawal

Bonus funds, including funds earned using bonuses and in free tournaments, are only available for withdrawal after you reach the required trade volume. Bonus funds cant be withdrawn immediately after youve received them.

To withdraw deposit bonuses (bonuses received for topping up Binarium account), your bonus funds must be turned over 40 times prior to withdrawal.

For example, you make topped up your account and received a $150 bonus. Your total trade volume must reach: $150×40=$6,000. Once your trade volume reaches this amount, the bonus funds can be withdrawn.

Bonus funds must be turned over 50 times for no deposit bonuses. The maximum withdrawal amount cannot exceed the amount of the received no deposit bonus.

Total turnover includes both profitable and losing trades. Trades closed at the opening price are not recognized in the turnover. There are no limits on profit withdrawal. However, the bonus is automatically removed from your account if you withdraw a part of the deposit that granted the bonus.

Please note that the Martingale strategy (doubling up trade investments) is prohibited on Binarium. Martingale-applied trades are detected by the platform and are not recognized in the turnover. Moreover, the results of these trades can be considered non-valid and be rejected by the company.

Up to 5% of the bonus total is considered in the turnover per one trade. For example, you received a $200 bonus, which means the maximum amount that will be considered in the bonus turnover necessary for withdrawal cannot exceed $10 per trade.
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