How to Contact Binarium Support

How to Contact Binarium Support

Binarium Online Chat

One of the most convenient ways to contact Binarium broker is using online chat with 24/7 support that allows you resolve any issue most fast as possible. The main advantage of the chat is how fast Binarium gives you feedback, it takes for about 4 minutes to get answered. You cannot attach files to your message in Online chat. Also you can’t send your private information.
How to Contact Binarium Support

Binarium assistance by Email

Another way to contact support by e-mail. So if you don’t need quick answer for your question just send an email to [email protected]. We strongly recommend to use your registration email. I mean email that you used for registration on Binarium. This way Binarium will be able to find your trading account by email that you used.

Binarium help by Phone

How to Contact Binarium Support
Another way to contact Binarium is phone number. All outcoming calls will be charged according to the tariffs of the city indicated in brackets. These will vary according to your telephone operator.

You can call this Phone Number: +44(203)6957705,  +7 (499) 703-35-81

Which is the fastest way to contact Binarium?

The fastest response from Binarium you will get through the Phone Call and Online Chat.

How fast can i get response from Binarium support?

You will get immediate response if you contact Binarium by phone. You will be answered in several minutes if you write via Online chat.

Contact Binarium by social networks

Another way to contact Binarium support is Social Media. So if you have


You can send message in Facebook, VK. You can ask common questions in Social networks

Binarium Help Center

We have got the common answers you need at here:
How to Contact Binarium Support
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