Binarium Is Binarium a trusted Binary Options Broker or not? – Find it out in this review. With more than 5 years of experience in the financial markets, I tested this company and I will give you feedback. Learn more about the functions, offers, and withdrawal of the broker. In the following text, you will also get a step by step guide to learn how to trade on this platform.

Binarium Review


Binarium is a full Binary Options Broker established in 2012. You can bet on forex, cryptocurrencies, and commodities in one platform. The company is based in Suite 305, Griffin Corporate Centre, P.O. Box1510, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines. Also, the company got different offices in Cyprus, Ukraine, and Latvia.

The broker accepts traders from all over the world. They speak different languages and got a huge support team. In addition to that Binarium uses EU-Banks for its customer funds and the deposit and withdrawal methods are regulated.

First hard facts about the company:

  • Established in 2012
  • International Binary Options Broker
  • Trader more than 100 different markets
  • Support in different languages
  • EU Banks for customer funds

The conditions to trade on the platform

On the Binarium platform, you can trade more than 100 different assets. The broker always tries to improve its offer. It is possible to trade short-term or long-term Binary Options. Also, you can bet on rising or falling markets. There is a huge range of expiry time to choose on the platform. You can trade 60-second trade or more than options with an expiry time of 1 month.

The Binary Options are divided into “Turbo” and “Binary”. Turbo is the short-term trades and binary are the long-term trades. It is allowed to start betting with only 1$ and the minimum deposit is only 10$. Invest every amount you want with this platform. There are no strict rules. In addition, the return of investment is between 80-90% for most markets.

The conditions for traders:

  • Trade forex, cryptocurrencies, and commodities
  • Trade short-term and long-term Binary Options
  • Start trading with only 1$
  • The minimum deposit is 10$
  • Return of investment is between 80 – 90%

Is the execution of orders correct?

For Binary Options Traders it is very important to get the best execution in the market. Especially for short-term Binary Options, the entry point of your trade should be the best. Personally, I tested the execution of the trading platform a lot. From my experience, it is one of the fastest execution I have ever seen. There should no problem to get into the markets with Binarium.


In the following text, I will give you an overview of the trading platform. The Binarium software is available for any device and you can trade with your mobile phone. At first glance, the software is very clear and easy to use.  In the lower picture, you will see a direct screenshot of the live platform.

Binarium Review

Binarium Platform

Charting for beginners and professional traders

For Technical Analysis, the trader has to use different chart types and indicators. In the following section, I want to proof if you can do a good analysis with this platform.

In the left lower corner you can see the menu for the customization of the chart. More than 4 different chart types are available. Choose between line, candlesticks, and bar chart. It is very easy to customize and you can always change the visibility. Furthermore, you can use over 50 different indicators and some technical drawing tools on the chart. Also, traders can customize their tools with few clicks. In my opinion, Binarium offers you enough tools to trade correctly.

In the upper menu, you can change between the markets and charts. The platform allows you multi-charting which is a huge advantage to other platforms because you can trade more than 1 market at the same time.

Customizable charting:

  • Different chart types
  • More than 50 different indicators
  • Drawing and analysis tools
  • Customize your analysis
  • Multi-Charting

How to trade with Binarium? – Step by step guide

Trading with Binary Options is a very simple principle. Traders have to make a forecast about the future movement of an asset. Make a forecast if the market will rise or fall. There are only 2 options, that is why it is called “Binary Options”. You can lose or win the trade. The price has to be upper or lower your entry point at the end of the expiry time.

How to trade: 

  1. Make a forecast about the movement of the market (use analysis and more)
  2. Choose an expiry time when the Binary Option will end
  3. Invest any amount (starting 1$)
  4. Invest in rising or falling markets with one click (buy or sell)
  5. Get a high return on investment or lose your investment amount
Binarium Review

As you see it is very easy to trade the financial markets with Binary Options. There are only 3 different options you have to choose from.

  1. Expiry time
  2. Investment amount
  3. Buy or sell markets

For questions or help, the platform offers 24/7 support for its customers. Moreover, there are video tutorials a big FAQ for beginners. You need some practice to use this financial product correctly. Beginners should use the free Demo Account with Binarium first.

Binarium Demo Account for free

The Demo Account is an account with virtual money. You can practice the trading platform and do investments without risk because it is no real money. The Demo Account simulate the trading with real money.

Binarium offers you a free 10.000$ Demo Account. Traders can try out the platform or improve their trading strategies without risk. Another advantage is that you can learn more about new markets and start trading them. The practice account is the best solution for beginners and every Binary Options Broker should provide it like Binarium.

  • Free and unlimited Demo Account
  • Reload your account with only one click

Open your Account in a few simple steps

It is very easy to open an account with Binarium. Just provide your email address and a safety password and you will get access to the trading platform. In addition, you need your full name and phone number for using all functions of the broker. On Binarium it is possible to trade real money without verification.

  1. Open your account under 60 seconds
  2. Deposit real money or use the free demo account
  3. Start Earning
Binarium Review

How to deposit on Binarium?

Like the trading on the platform, the deposit of money is quite easy. Binarium offers a huge range of payment methods for your deposit and withdrawal. Sometimes the deposit method depends on your country. You can use Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard), Neteller, Qiwi, Yandex-money, Webmoney, China UnionPay, Wire Transfer, Cryptocurrencies, and more methods.

Start with a deposit of 10$. There are no hidden fees for your transaction and the deposit is completely free.
Binarium Review

Withdrawal your earnings of Binarium

The withdrawal works with the same methods as the deposits. And again Binarium is not charging any fees, but sometimes there is a fee from your payment provider. You can clearly see that on your platform. The company provides a payout within 24 hours. Sometimes it can be more than 3 days, because not every day is a working day (weekend).

  • No fees on deposits and withdrawals
  • Instant deposits through electronic payment methods
  • Withdrawal in 1 – 3 days

Get a bonus for free

Binarium offers a trader a free bonus for each deposit and also there are some other special bonus programs. The bonus depends on your deposit amount. It can be more than 100% of your deposit! In order to withdraw this bonus, there are some conditions. You have to do a trading volume of 40 – 50 x the bonus amount.

That means if you get a bonus of 100$ you have to do a trading volume of 4000 – 5000$. From my experience, this can happen very fast. A bonus is a good way to improve your trading account and money.



Support and Customer Service tested

Another important point for a good Binary Options Broker is the support and customer service for traders. In this review, I tested the service, too. Binarium offers a telephone, email, Skype, and chat-support 24 hours a day. They speak different languages for international traders. Directly on the website, you can see the contact information.

From my experience, the support is working very fast. I tested it several times. They can answer your questions quickly and help you if you got problems with the platform. They also show you how to trade on the Binarium software. In conclusion, the support seems very professional to me.

  • Telephone, Email, Chat, and Skype-Support
  • The service is 24 hours available
  • Fast and professional support
  • Account Managers for bigger deposits

Available countries

Binarium accepts international traders from all over the world. There are only restrictions on 2 countries. The broker does not accept traders from the United States of America and the UAE. All other countries are welcome. The website is available in 10 different languages.

Binarium is popular in:

  • India
  • South Africa
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • China
  • Europe
  • And more

Conclusion of the Binarium Review – Reliable Broker or not?

Is Binarum scam or not? – Personally, from my experience, it is not a scam. I tested it in the Demo Account and with a little amount of money ($100). The broker works very fast and the deposit and withdrawal are no problem. The only disadvantage is that there is no regulation. They only got a license in Russia but no general Regulation.

I have to say that the platform is one of the best for beginners because it is very userfriendly an easy to use. In addition, you can start with a little amount of money. The execution is so fast that I was very surprised compared to other brokers. Another point I have to mention is the bonus program. Get a free bonus without limits. It is the best way to double your trading account.

In conclusion, Binarium seems like a reliable broker for Binary Options, but there is no regulation. That is why I personally would trade carefully. On the other side, no regulation means that you can trade without verification. This is a huge advantage and I know only a few brokers who got this offer.

Advantages and disadvantages of Binarium

  • Only 10$ minimum deposit
  • Free Demo Account with 10.000$
  • A huge range of different Binary Options
  • Fast execution
  • Comfortable Platform
  • Friendly and professional support
  • No Regulation
Thank you for rating.



Я тут решил написать о Бинариум тоже, может поможет кому. Я конечно не самый опытный трейдер, вообще только начинаю можно сказать постигать эту хитрую науку, но тут мне однозначно все нравится. Почему пишу, потому что думаю люди в последнее время не верят никому и тем более боятся связываться с бинарными опционами. Так вот, на Binarium вам точно ничего плохого не грозит. Говорю по личному опыту.

Я тут чуть больше 3х месяцев, пока звезд с неба не хватаю, но на хлеб с маслом стабильно зарабатываю)) Короче в подробности особо вдаваться не буду, вы уж сами выберете чем торговать и по какой стратегии. Я только скажу, что не закидывайте поначалу слишком большие суммы. Не потому, что кинут или еще что. Просто от греха подальше, чтобы не потратить все и сразу. Начинайте потихоньку, тестите все, что хотите делать на демке и будет вам счастье. И да, инет нужен быстрый, иначе проскальзываний не избежать. И с бонусами там поосторожнее, если опыта нет, не берите сразу все. Свое отбейте, выведете, а там уже и с бонусами можно поупражняться)

Виталик Белоцерковский
Виталик Белоцерковский

Я буду краток/ Пробовал самые топовые тут у нас в России, не будут тут о них писать, у каждой свои баги. С Binarium мы просто сотрудничаем. Меня особенно подкупила лицензия. Ну не может контора с регуляцией быть мошенниками и так и вышло. Самое главное, что все волнует — выводят ли деньги. ДА! Я лично выводил. Сначала малыми суммами из опаски, потом стал подкапливать и выводить реже, но больше. Все всегда гладко проходит, сейчас еще и комиссию за меня платят при выводу, потому что добрался до нормального оборота наконец-то. Рекомендую Binarium однозначно.

Дральченко Кирилл
Дральченко Кирилл

Ну что за народ у нас, до чего халява привлекает))) Вот бинариум сделал депозит меньше чем у всех на пару долларов и все, все тут как тут, нравится, торгую, делятся опытом))) Хотя чем сайт от других то отличается? Все пары такие же, доходность даже меньше по некоторым. Выводят также за 1-3 дня примерно не раньше. Терминал обычный с двумя опционами всего. Правда он самый старый и с регуляцией, это да. Но в остальном просто хороший надежный брокер. Не надо думать, что тут вы обогатитесь только потому что депозит 5 долларов и демо счет есть. Все не совсем так. Чтобы зарабатывать конечно нужна платформа нормальная, но все остальное ваша личная задача. Научитесь аналитике будет вам доход. Нет? Никакой бинариум вас не спасет. И по поводу бонусов. Если пока не в курсе, как оборот добить, не ввязывайтесь. Это для опытных дядей))




Много времени потратил на изучения стратегий и поведения конкретно Бинариум. Хотелось у одного брокера усестся на коленках и не прыгать. Подкупала служба поддержки русскоговорящая. Понаблюдал на видео за торговлей местных трейдеров и решился. С индикаторами торгую и не занимаюсь скальпингом. Деньги вывожу стабильно раз в неделю, но немного всегда оставляю, Пару раз столкнулся с задержкой, очень не во время - были нужны деньги здесь и сейчас, но в поддержке помогли и ускорили, насколько могли. Планирую попробовать местные сигналы, они у них бесплатные.

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